Our goal is to halve cost and length of preclinical drug development thanks to our simulation platform

We work alongside biopharmas to transform the way drugs are developed by moving from approximation to prediction. Our platform allows the calculation of absolute free binding energy of molecules with the highest accuracy. Thanks to HPC and cloud accelerations, we can perform calculations up to a million times faster than before, allowing to find highly valuables compounds in large libraries with better chances of success than previous methods.


To support biopharmaceutical companies in their research and development, Qubit Pharmaceutical is developing a new in silico drug discovery lab, ATLAS, based on the latest advance in quantum physics, HPC and cloud computing.

ATLAS is using proprietary force fields models and molecular dynamics calculations to perform absolute free energy calculations and virtual screening, docking and vizualization tools to fasten the discovery and optimization of valuable candidates with the highest precision ever achieved thanks to over 30 years of R&D.

We are developing a complete ecosystem to efficiently screen large libraries of compounds and move from hit to drug candidate

Atlas is able to filter and deliver a small number of compounds of interest that can be studied by a human being out of a very large sets of initial compounds with high accuracy thus reducing the number of iterations needed to move from hit to clinical trials.

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