Lifesaving treatments, one atom at a time

We are a physics driven drug discovery company. Using advanced simulation software and AI-enhanced medicinal chemistry, we develop novel drug candidates and innovative mode of action against challenging targets.

We design our drug candidates atom by atom to optimize their efficiency and their specificity with a favorable safety profile at unprecedented speed.

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A breakthrough in physics informed drug discovery

At the very core of our physics driven drug discovery approach lies Atlas, our in silico drug discovery lab. ATLAS benefits from over 30 years of R&D and is based on the latest advance in quantum physics & chemistry, molecular dynamics, AI and HPC.

With, Atlas, we are able to create high resolution digital twins of any target and molecule. We run very long all-atom simulations with unprecedented accuracy thanks to proprietary polarizable force fields models to explore the conformational changes of a target and identify novel pockets. This gives us unique insights on the structure – activity relationship.

Building upon this knowledge, we are able to design better molecules much faster. We reduce the need for intermediate chemical synthesis and validation by performing absolute free energy of binding calculations. We also build in safety and druggability earlier and we reduce the overall cycle time.

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Unlocking complex targets with novel modes of action

We are developing novel drugs to cure lifethreatening diseases with a primary focus in oncology, inflammation and pandemics response.

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Together we can develop better drugs, faster

Drug discovery is a collective effort. We wouldn’t be able to build such a pipeline, so fast alone without the help of partners. Whether charities, academia, biotech or pharma companies, we are always very happy to explore ways to develop novel treatments to cure major diseases.
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