Our context

Projects at Qubit-Pharmaceuticals are four fold:

  1. External client drug discovery projects: we have to deliver specific qualified compounds co-designed with our client. Each client may impose its own constraints while the main objective remains to find few leads for a given therapeutic target. Each project may therefore lead to designing new protocols, methodologies and KPI.
  2. Internal drug discovery projects: we have our own drug discovery pipeline aimed at finding leading next 10 years drugs for therapeutics targets of major interest. Our research scientists exploit both advanced IT tools and robust protocols to qualify drugs. 
  3. Atlas platform development: is the central SaaS platform where every piece of calculation is orchestrated to leverage on the best of our HPC technologies. 
  4. R&D: quantum computing, design of new drug discovery protocols, design of the future of CADD is at the heart of our company. Long term objectives with highly uncertain outcomes require strong project management skills and innovative methods.


As a project owner you will be in charge of steering all internal and external projects based on agile methodologies. In particular, you will have the opportunity to set up the entire project management tool suite and best practices in a deep tech context at the crossroads of HPC and healthcare.


You will hold a horizontal position among all teams: molecular dynamics, IT, machine learning, to help them guide their work towards quality and efficiency.

You will be in direct interaction with C-level Qubit-Pharmaceuticals  and with all team leaders. 

What you’ll be doing

  • Prepare and animate projects governance
  • Evangelize best practices and tools for projects follow up
  • Insure adequation between budget constraints and delivery quality
  • Define and coordinate resources (IT, partners, providers, clients, …)
  • Insure the knowledge remains spread and understood among all

Skills and experiences we are looking for 

Be KISS (Keep It Smart and Simple) oriented:

You can demonstrate a synthetic mind set in all situations to communicate the most important information rather than all of them.

Be agile and innovative:

You should always prefer quality to quantity. Therefore, you should be able to adapt in innovate in your processes and methodologies to always target the best quality level.

Be pragmatic and user oriented:

As a project manager you should first think about the customer’s benefit when everyone would think about technical advances. 

Be experienced:

You have at least 5 years of experience in project management in deep tech industries and ideally the healthcare sector.

Soft Skills and Noble Thought 

Qubit’s culture goes far beyond the ability to manage processes. Our team members are self-motivated, flexible, and always learning professionals who can thrive only when surrounded by like-minded people.

POSITION involves stakeholder discussions, awareness about business goals, assessment and identification of improvement areas, all driven by collaboration. 

Loyalty & managed ego: You are deeply loyal and are constantly looking for ways to offer support. Also, you do not hesitate to state what you do not know and ask for help and have no shame in that. 

Proactiveness : You will need the proactiveness and passion towards work, which directly reflects in performance and productivity. Moreover, staying updated with relevant technologies, new tools, and more are part of your process. You always aim for excellence and work hard to achieve it. 

Driven to achieve results with a strategic mindset:  You are tenacious in the face of adversity and carry a can-do attitude. You are a master organizer and project planner; you consistently look ahead and anticipate needs before they arise. You have a sharp mind and you have a great judgment for what’s important.  You think fast and execute quickly, but you always think before acting about the consequences of your decisions.

Natural problem solver:  You are analytical and structured in your thinking. You create order out of chaos by identifying systems and processes that need tightening. You deeply understand team and business operations and easily synthesize information to develop a recommended plan of action. 

Caring and sharing attitude: you actively listen to understand what drives or concerns the team and gather input before acting. Once in action, you are able to communicate what to achieve and why, but also how to achieve it. You do not hesitate to share key learnings with your colleagues in order to help them perform better. 

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