My university studies at La Sapienza of Rome have been devoted to foreign languages and literatures. Through this humanistic approach, I discovered human nature and the beauty of a world that is varied and changing according to the perspective with which one looks at it.

With a Master in my pocket, through the European Leonardo program, I landed in France, at the International relations office of the ENS Lyon, where I started my professional career as the administrative coordinator for the AToSim Erasmus Mundus project. This was a Master program in Physics for non-European students held in 3 universities: the ENS Lyon, the Universiteit van Amsterdam and the University of La Sapienza of Rome.

It has been a cardinal experience. Beyond using all the languages I knew, I learnt from my colleagues (all extraordinary and well qualified people) the secrets for a well-done administrative management and I interiorized the satisfaction of doing my best in my job.

Two years later, I moved to Paris, to the Foundation Pierre-Gilles de Gennes for Research. There was where I improved my skills, took on more responsibility and learnt to work independently. I kept working with PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers coming from Europe and from extra-European countries, dealing with VISA matters, university conventions, fellowships award, call for projects… But I was also involved in the management of the budgets of the subsidized programs, as well as in the accounting and administrative management of the foundation.

Then it was time to move on, to be the Office Manager for the SATT Ile-de-France Innov. During the following 5 years, I improved my skills in administrative management and accounting. And I deeply plunged into the human resources management. It was a very formative experience, a period of all-round personal and professional development.

Having then fully acquired my versatility and developed the ability to manage several tasks autonomously and responsibly, I was ready to enter into the beauty of architecture. And I had the opportunity to do so by being in the privileged position as a family assistant for Senator Arch. Renzo Piano.

For the next three years, I dedicated myself to the management of the architect’s personal assets, and to the related tax issues in France, and abroad; I managed the personal staff, and took care to maintain effective communication between the Renzo Piano Foundation, the RPBW offices in Paris and in Genoa and the Piano family. I was at the interface between the personal and the professional side while I took care of everything that was related to Senator Arch. Piano’s family everyday life.

It has been busy years, with professional achievements and improvements, made in a creative context and supported by extraordinary colleagues.

Yet, it was time to go on and move again.

So, what brought me to Qubit Pharmaceuticals?

  1. I know Robert Marino since my arrival in Paris. I trust his ideas and his ability to recognize skills and manage them to achieve the goal.
  2. I see a scientific potential in the company and believe in a future success of it
  3. I want to get involved in building a company that can make a difference
  4. I want to give my skills another boost

Let the new adventure begin!