As the company’s CTO you oversee all technical developments, the R&D roadmap and product excellence both in terms of performance and quality.

You are also in charge of recruiting, leading and training the technical teams that will be key to deliver on Qubit Pharmaceuticals’ vision. It is thanks to you and your teams that we can maintain a permanent competitive advantage over the competition and satisfy our customers.

You make sure all features and products are released in time and with the utmost quality, you arbitrate the technological choices to maximize our impact with regard to our resources and constraints. You are the interlocutor for our clients regarding all technical question.

As member of the board of directors, you will also be instrumental in the success the evolution and growth of the company. You will take part in the strategic decisions regarding the future developments and help prepare the board’s meetings, help structure the company and anticipate change, participate in its communication plan, refine the vision, take part in the subsequent fundraisings and make sure the team well being


Overall responsibility:

  • As the company’s CTO you oversee all technical developments, the R&D roadmap and product excellence both in terms of performance and quality.

Team operations:

  • Recruit and train the R&D team
  • Manage the people personal development plans
  • Manage the team regarding the company values, dispatch workload and insure the team members have all necessary means to achieve success
  • Oversee and facilitate the interaction with the other teams

R&D & product roadmap & collaborations

  • Define and update R&D & product roadmap and make sure we deliver on time and quality
  • Identify key partners (academia & companies) to collaborate with in order to reach our goals
  • Conduct regular competitive landscape analysis
  • Oversee the company IP strategy
  • Operational liaison between grant offices and R&D project managers (supporting financial and progress reporting)
  • Interact with all clients, partners and suppliers regarding technology

Corporate  operations

  • Support CEO for meeting preparation and planning for Board of Directors
  • Oversee and manage a variety of mid to long-term, cross-organizational projects depending on the needs
  • Contribute to the elaboration and update of the strategic planning, budget & long-term vision

The list is not exhaustive but is there to illustrate the breadth of responsibilities at the current time.


We are seeking a motivated candidate with a breadth of skills and behavioral traits that are crucial to be an effective CTO.

  • Loyalty & managed ego: You are deeply loyal and are constantly looking for ways to offer support. You must be confident enough to be candid & push back at times, while also humble enough to happily work behind the scenes. You thrive on helping others be their best selves and anticipating their needs before they are spoken. You do not hesitate to state what you do not know and ask for help and have no shame in that.
  • Curious and eager to learn: You are always interested in learning new skills and new fields of science and technology. You thrive in multidisciplinary environments and always try to transpose best practices from one field to another. You always aim for excellence and work hard to achieve it.
  • Driven to achieve results with strategic mindset: You are incredibly driven to achieve results. You are tenacious in the face of adversity and carry a can-do attitude. You are a master organizer and project planner; you consistently look ahead and anticipate needs before they arise. You have a sharp mind and you have a great judgment for what’s important. Prioritization is your mantra. You think fast and execute quickly, but you always think before acting about the consequences of your decisions
  • Natural problem solver: you are a natural problem solver. You are analytical and structured in your thinking. You create order out of chaos by identifying systems and processes in need of tightening. You deeply understand team and business operations and easily synthesize information to develop a recommended plan of action.
  • Caring and sharing attitude: you actively listen to understand what drives or concerns the team and gather input before acting. You are able to connect the dots across the company. You are positive, empathetic, flexible. Once in action, you are able to communicate what to achieve and why, but also how to achieve it. You do not hesitate to share key learnings with your colleagues in order to help them perform better.


  • Masters’ or PhD degree in either computer science or molecular dynamics or data science
  • Minimum 8 years of industrial experience in R&D / Technology either in HPC or Molecular Dynamics or Machine Learning, 3+ years of experience in a management position is a plus
  • Knowledge of in silico drug design is preferred but not mandatory
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) in English and at least one other European Language preferably French
  • Experience(s) in a startup or young organization that experienced rapid growth is preferred

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