Lifesaving treatments, one atom at a time

The company has been developing next-generation physical models underlying the software and computational technology over the last two decades. These advanced physical models, built upon high-level quantum mechanics, are key to accurately modeling complex targets such and mode of action and the full array of possible drug candidates. This makes our platform, Atlas, unique.

By combining your scientific expertise, knowledge on the targets biology and assays with Atlas and our drug discovery expertise we will develop lifesaving treatments faster at a fraction of the usual price

Joint drug discovery programs

We are interested in working with partners to co-develop our drug discovery programs – taking these through the clinic and on to patients. We also keen to evaluate the possibility to jointly accelerate existing drug discovery programs or unlock complex targets with the support of Atlas and our drug discovery team.

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In licensing opportunities

We are interested in expanding our portfolio in inflammation and oncology. We are seeking for novel targets with ideally a crystal structure available, PDX and/or patient lines available and a lab stage assay. Prior demonstration of druggability is not mandatory.

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