Our Stack

  • Micro services cloud-based (cross cloud provide thanks to Terraform) rails api server to deliver the best of HPC for CADD
  • Gitlab or the development environment (repository, MR, CI/CD)
  • Rails 6 for JSON API server and Delayed job runners services
  • Vue.js 2.6 for the front-end server (running against nodejs 12.22.5)
  • Gitlab as a cross platform job manager for production
  • Rspec and jest for unit testing
  • PostgreSQL 13 and ElasticSearch 8.1 (cloud based for both logs and user search engine)
  • Docker


As a Full-Stack engineer you will be in charge of:

  • Jointly design, deliver and monitor new features
  • Interact with the codebase as a whole, back-end and/or infrastructure (it’s in the code, too)
  • Make sure our CI and infrastructure are working as smoothly as they should
  • Grow your expertise and technical vision
  • Insure scalability of the entire solution

You will be part of the team in charge of the Computer Aided Drug Discovery Platform named Atlas.

You will be in direct interaction with Application Scientists (end users) and the CTO  at Qubit-Pharmaceuticals.

What you’ll be doing

  • Design and refactor the code base as necessary as possible
  • Enhance our unit, integration and E2E tests to ensure everything is ticking nicely before a release
  • Design and implement the molecule and protein database for machine learning and molecular dynamics
  • Enhance the job management feature to better forecast duration and costs

Skills and experiences we are looking for 

Be pragmatic:

Make things as simple and straightforward as possible. Great coding skills are required but design capabilities are at least as important.

Be customer oriented:

You will be in charge of understanding the needs of our users that are among the greatest scientists in the world of computational chemistry. Their needs are our leads and yet being able to challenge them in a constructive way will be required to get the best out of our platform.

Be agile:

At Qubit Pharmaceuticals our agile sprints are 2 weeks long. We believe that, from time to time, good documentation is better than quick and dirty code. Development quality is at the heart of our agile processes.

Be geeky:

Of course we expect you to have good knowledge in JavaScript/TypeScript and Ruby development. Ideally you have worked with docker, ruby, rails, gitlab, terraform, elastic search and sql database, OOP. 

Soft Skills and Noble Thought 

Qubit’s culture goes far beyond the ability to write good code. Our team members are self-motivated, flexible, and always learning professionals who can thrive only when surrounded by like-minded people.

POSITION involves stakeholder discussions, awareness about business goals, assessment and identification of improvement areas, all driven by collaboration. 

Loyalty & managed ego: You are deeply loyal and are constantly looking for ways to offer support. Also, you do not hesitate to state what you do not know and ask for help and have no shame in that. 

Proactiveness : You will need the proactiveness and passion towards work, which directly reflects in performance and productivity. Moreover, staying updated with relevant technologies, new tools, and more are part of your process. You always aim for excellence and work hard to achieve it. 

Driven to achieve results with a strategic mindset:  You are tenacious in the face of adversity and carry a can-do attitude. You are a master organizer and project planner; you consistently look ahead and anticipate needs before they arise. You have a sharp mind and you have a great judgment for what’s important.  You think fast and execute quickly, but you always think before acting about the consequences of your decisions.

Natural problem solver:  You are analytical and structured in your thinking. You create order out of chaos by identifying systems and processes that need tightening. You deeply understand team and business operations and easily synthesize information to develop a recommended plan of action. 

Caring and sharing attitude: you actively listen to understand what drives or concerns the team and gather input before acting. Once in action, you are able to communicate what to achieve and why, but also how to achieve it. You do not hesitate to share key learnings with your colleagues in order to help them perform better. 

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