About us

We are a physics driven drug discovery company. Using advanced simulation software and AI-enhanced medicinal chemistry, we develop novel drug candidates and innovative mode of action against challenging targets. We design our drug candidates atom by atom to optimize their efficiency and their specificity with a favorable safety profile at unprecedented speed.

We build upon more than 30 years of R&D awarded by the most prestigious prizes such as 2 ERC grants and the ATOS Fourier prize. We spun-off from leading research institutions in France and in the USA : CNAM, CNRS, University of Texas at Austin, Sorbonne University and Washington University, in Saint Louis and we are based in Paris, at the very heart of “Le quartier Latin” and in Boston.

We are supported by three major deeptech investment funds Quantonation, Xange and Omnes Capital. In less than 18 months, we have built an impressive track record of awards such as the EIC accelerator thanks to our team and the technology.

We are embarking the most brilliant minds in theory, methods, software and drug design from both sides of the Atlantic to deliver on our mission and improve people’s lives.

People based in Paris & Boston
Active drug discovery programs
Proprietary supercomputer (25 pflops) & cloud computing extension
1 proprietary drug discovery platform, ATLAS

The Founders

Pr Jay Ponder
Pr Jay PonderWashington University in St. Louis, Chemistry and Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
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Pr Pengyu Ren
Pr Pengyu Ren University of Texas at Austin, Biomedical Engineering
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Pr J.-P. Piquemal, CSO
Pr J.-P. Piquemal, CSOSorbonne Université, Laboratoire de Chimie Théorique
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Dr Louis Lagardère
Dr Louis LagardèreSorbonne Université, Laboratoire de Chimie Théorique
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Pr Matthieu Montes
Pr Matthieu MontesCNAM, Laboratoire de génomique, bioinformatique et chimie moléculaire
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The Team

We have assembled an international team with significant scientific and industrial expertise. Our complementary expertise covers all the disciplines involved in drug discovery and ranges from quantum chemistry and physics, HPC, computer-aided drug design, medicinal chemistry, artificial intelligence and structural biology.

Lina Alferkh, PhD
Lina Alferkh, PhDResearch Scientist
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Elettra Baldacci
Elettra BaldacciOffice Manager
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Ekaterina Besse, PhD
Ekaterina Besse, PhDProject Owner
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Axel Courtat
Axel CourtatResearch scientist in quantum chemistry and physics
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Pierre Ducrot, PhD
Pierre Ducrot, PhDDrug discovery program manager
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Dina El Ahdab, PhD
Dina El Ahdab, PhDResearch Scientist
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Krystel El Hage, PhD
Krystel El Hage, PhDProject Lead
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Léa El Khoury, PhD
Léa El Khoury, PhDGroup Leader in Computational Chemistry
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César Féniou
César FéniouJunior research scientist quantum chemistry and physics
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Jérome Foret, PhD
Jérome Foret, PhDChief Platform Officer
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Louis Geisler
Louis GeislerJunior Data Scientist
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Nicolai Gouraud
Nicolai GouraudJunior research scientist quantum chemistry and physics
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Florent Hédin, PhD
Florent Hédin, PhDSenior HPC Engineer
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Chris Ho, MD, PhD
Chris Ho, MD, PhDSenior Research Scientist
Francis Jing, PhD
Francis Jing, PhDResearch Scientist
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Jean Larde
Jean LardeSenior C++ engineer
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Daniele Loco, PhD
Daniele Loco, PhDResearch Scientist in quantum chemistry and physics
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Thomas Lucas
Thomas LucasSenior Fullstack engineer
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Antoine Malpel
Antoine MalpelFull Stack developer
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Robert Marino, PhD
Robert Marino, PhDCEO
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Clara Martinez
Clara MartinezIntern
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Yassine Naimi
Yassine NaimiBioinformatic Engineer
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Evgeny Posenitskiy, PhD
Evgeny Posenitskiy, PhDHPC R&D engineer
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Manon Réau, PhD
Manon Réau, PhDResearch Scientist
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Boris Sattarov
Boris SattarovTeam lead : AI assisted de novo design
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Siri van Keulen, PhD
Siri van Keulen, PhDResearch Scientist
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Our Values

Science Excellency & Quality




Trust & Integrity




Loyality & Managed Ego

last but not least

Board members representing the investors

Fabien Collangettes
Fabien Collangettes Investment Director, Omnes Capital
Christophe Jurczak
Christophe Jurczak Managing Partner, Quantonation
Guilhem de Vregille
Guilhem de VregillePartner, Xange

They support us